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Wrinkle Types And Causes

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A wrinkle is an ugly thing. A lot of wrinkles in the face means a lot of lines forming in the skin. This makes a person unattractive. This is the main reason why many women go crazy over the discovery of even just one single wrinkle.

They do not like having a wrinkle because it will make them unattractive to look at. Women dream about being young forever. If a wrinkle appears, their dream is destroyed and they have to live with the idea of them one day growing old and being mortal.

Their mortality is a very hard reality. This is why in order to avoid getting freaked out over getting a wrinkle. one should learn everything there is to learn about wrinkles in the first place. This way, wrinkles will no longer be demonized and people can adopt a better attitude about it.

Here are some of the types and causes of wrinkles.

  • Aging

agingAging is the major causes of wrinkles. Old people have a lot of wrinkles. This is because they are aging. When a person is aging, the skin is not able to repair itself. This is the main reason why the skin will just sag and no longer remain firm over time.

The skin no longer becomes firm because the cells are no longer regenerated. This means the cells on the skin are older and more worn down. The skin gets more wrinkles if the skin is no longer able to repair itself in a very effective way.

  • Weight loss

When a very fat person gets liposuction or loses weight fast, there will be a lot of flappy skin left. This flappy skin can be considered as a wrinkle because they basically bunch up together and form a wrinkle once all the fat from the body is effectively removed.

This kind of wrinkle requires basic surgery to remove the lose skin and prevent the proliferation of this kind of lousy looking wrinkle. In fact, surgery is part of a drastic weight loss program especially for those who are quite fat.

  • Wrinkles can be minimized

Wrinkles can actually be minimized. This is because the skin feeds off of nutrients in order to remain young, firm and healthy. Usually the body supplies the nutrients in order to keep the skin this way.

Unfortunately, as one grows older, the nutrients are no longer delivered efficiently. This is why the body has to be helped by providing the needed nutrients from an external source. One can get injections or take certain pills in order to provide the skin with the necessary nutrients.

With the right nutrients, the formation of wrinkles can actually be minimized.

For those who wish to learn more about wrinkles, they can discuss the matter with their dermatologist. Their dermatologists can definitely tell them everything that they need to know about what wrinkles are all about and what one can do to treat them.

If they listen to the advice of their dermatologists, they can definitely minimize the problem of wrinkles over the long term. Another effective solution is to use best wrinkle cream.

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Wrinkle Treatments That Work

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A wrinkle can be a big deal. This is most especially true for people who are very conscious of their looks. There are many people who just cannot stand the idea that they will look old.

They hate being reminded of their mortality and they actually hate looking ugly because of all the lines that form on their face. This is the main reason why it is highly recommended that people actually take the time to get wrinkle treatments that actually work.

For those who wish to know, here are some of the best wrinkle treatments that will definitely work on many people.

  • Using anti wrinkle creams

As far as convenient solutions that actually offer good results go, it is in using anti wrinkle creams that is very popular. This is because they are affordable and they can also be quite effective.

This means people who are just starting to show signs of getting wrinkles will definitely benefit greatly from using anti wrinkle creams. These creams contain special vitamins and minerals that can actually keep the skin young, firm and quite healthy.

In fact, one can say that anti wrinkle creams is definitely the go to wrinkle treatment option. One can go with anti wrinkle creams not just to remove wrinkles but to also prevent the generation of wrinkles.

This is the main reason why wrinkle creams are quite popular especially with people who are looking for ways to avoid looking old as well as people who are very superficial and only care about how their face looks.

  • Botox injections

Botox injectionsThe main reason why wrinkles form is the fact that skin is loose and flappy. The skin becomes loose because there is nothing to fill out the space below the skin. If the space is filled out, the skin can be stretched taut and guarantee that the wrinkles will disappear.

One of the best ways to fill out the space below the wrinkle is to use botox injections. This is quite popular especially in treating wrinkles called crow’s feet. A little botox injected just right below the crow’s feet will definitely make the wrinkle disappear

  • Facelifts

Aside from filling out the space under the wrinkle, another great way to remove wrinkles is getting a facelift.

A facelift is pretty much all about making the necessary incision in the outline of the face preferable under the chine or just below the hair line and then pull up the skin and then stitching it back up.

Because the skin is stretched out, the skin is effectively pulled taut. Facelifts are quite popular with women who have a lot of wrinkles due to their advanced age. Facelifts are very effective. Unfortunately they can be quite expensive.

There are many wrinkle treatments that exist aside from this. For those who wish to know more, all they have to do is to talk with a dermatologist. Dermatologists are skin doctors and since wrinkles occur in the skin, they pretty much have a good idea on how to treat wrinkle treatments properly.

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